ChatGPT now has access to the internet: 20 prompts to grow your business ⚡️🚀

You know, before ChatGPT had this limitation where it couldn’t provide any information beyond September 2021, and that made it a bit challenging for users to get the most recent and up-to-date insights.
But guess what? ChatGPT now has access to the internet ⚡️.
That means it can dive into real-time data, offering users incredible resources for their businesses.

You may ask how?

OpenAI has developed plugins that ChatGPT can use to enhance its capabilities. Although they are currently in testing and may not work flawlessly, ChatGPT can be trained to use them effectively.

chatgpt plugins

The plugin that we going to talk about in this article allows ChatGPT to browse the internet and has generated a lot of excitement among users

It’s a game-changer and it opens up so many opportunities for growth. I’m excited about it and I’m looking forward to brainstorming more on this topic.

But for now, let’s talk about the prompts that can help businesses grow, which were not available before.

ChatGPT now has access to the internet ⚡️

20 prompts to grow your business with ChatGpt

ChatGPT now has access to the internet: 20 prompts to grow your business


  1. Email Marketing Best Practices Prompt: “Find the most successful email marketing campaigns in {my industry} and suggest ways to adapt their strategies for my business. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”.

  2. Influencer Marketing Success Stories Prompt: “Search for the latest case studies and success stories of businesses using influencer marketing and provide a summary.”>

  3. Influencer Outreach Prompt: “Identify the most influential bloggers and YouTubers in {my industry} and suggest ways to approach them for collaborations or reviews.”

  4. Marketing Automation Tools Prompt: “Research the latest developments in marketing automation tools and suggest the best solutions for my business needs. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”.

  5. Brand Collaboration Opportunities Prompt: “Find recent examples of successful brand collaborations and suggest potential partnership opportunities for my business. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”

Social Media

  1. Social Media Feature Insights Prompt: “Research the latest social media platform features and suggest creative ways to leverage them for my brand. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”

  2. Trending Hashtags and Keywords Prompt: “Identify trending hashtags and keywords related to {my industry} for use in content creation and social media campaigns.”

  3. Google Ads Optimization Prompt: “Analyze the top-performing Google Ads in {my niche} and suggest ways to improve my ad copy and targeting.”

  4. Twitter Algorithm Updates Prompt: “Analyze recent changes in Twitter’s ranking algorithm and provide strategic recommendations for my account. Account URL: {Twitter account URL}”

  5. Content Marketing Showdown Prompt: “Analyze the performance of my competitors’ content marketing strategies and suggest ways to outperform them with my own content.

Business Analysis

  1. Market Trend Analysis Prompt: “Analyze real-time market trends and suggest the most effective marketing strategies for my business. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”

  2. Fastest-Growing Industries Prompt: “Find the top 10 fastest-growing industries in the past year and suggest ways to enter these markets.”

  3. Customer Pain Point Discovery Prompt: Identify current customer pain points for {my business niche} by analyzing recent online reviews and social media mentions.

  4. Competitor Monitoring Prompt: “Monitor online discussions about my competitors and provide insights into their strengths and weaknesses.” Competitor URLs: {URL 1, URL 2, …}”

  5. Consumer Behavior Insights Prompt: “Find the latest research on consumer behavior and preferences in {my target market} and suggest ways to capitalize on these insights.”

  6. Industry News Adaptation Prompt: “Monitor the latest news and legislation affecting {my industry} and provide recommendations on how to adapt my marketing strategies accordingly.”

  7. Pricing Strategy Analysis Prompt: “Find the most effective pricing strategies for my product or service based on competitor analysis and consumer price sensitivity research. My business URL: {Enter your URL}”


  1. SEO Algorithm Updates Prompt: “Analyze recent changes in Google’s search algorithm and provide SEO recommendations for my website. URL: {my website URL}”

  2. Lead Generation Techniques Prompt: “Research the most effective lead generation techniques for {my industry} and provide a step-by-step implementation plan.”

  3. Podcast Guest Strategy Prompt: “Analyze the top 10 most popular podcasts in {my niche} and suggest strategies for securing guest appearances or sponsorships.”


This feature is only available to a few select users.
Also, some users got access and then it was later taken away again. However, more users are expected to gain access as the tool is further developed and refined. Check out if you are lucky and have access to this feature.

It is worth keeping an eye out for further developments and opportunities to gain access to this valuable tool.

More information on OpenAi Plugins is available here =>

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