Why AI is not replacing programmers anytime soon

After using ChatGPT intensively for 5 months, I feel like I can share some insights on this fantastic tool and why AI is not replacing programmers anytime soon.

So let’s dig into this cool tech story and figure out why, even though AI can do some amazing things, programmers have a special something that keeps them super important.

When ChatGPT zoomed onto the scene, it felt like Christmas morning for programmers. Making entire chunks of code became a piece of cake.

I was glued to it. Like, really glued. It felt like ChatGPT and I were best buddies – I used it for almost everything! It was like the superhero that never left my side.

Along with the coolness, there was also a storm of worries brewing inside me. I was like, “Is my career as a programmer about to fizzle out? Should I jump into another field?The last thing I wanted was to face-palm myself five years later for not making a move.

Being a software engineer for over 7 years, though, I couldn’t just let go. So, I stuck with programming. 🚀💻🌟. And after using chatGPT intensively for over 5 months I’ve realized a few things about AI and programmers.

80-20 Rule

I was amazed at how the 80-20 rule fits many parts of life. Here’s what happened: I had a small jQuery library and wanted to change it into a React component. It’s like translating from one language to another. I pasted the whole library into ChatGPT and asked it to turn it into React. Bam! ChatGPT did the work super fast, like in a flash.

But here comes the twist: when I tried to use the code ChatGPT gave me, it didn’t work properly. Since I didn’t really look at the library in the beginning, figuring out the problem was like finding a needle in a haystack. I had to go through all the code piece by piece.

I thought I’d be done in 2 days, but it took me 3 more days to fix everything! So, ChatGPT did most of the work really quick, but I spent a lot of time on the last part. The code from ChatGPT isn’t always perfect, and fixing the little things can take longer than you think which takes up 80% of your time.

It’s the Journey

When I started building my portfolio, I didn’t really know how I wanted it to look. So, I began with a simple one-page design.

But as I got into building the site, ideas just started flowing! In the end, my portfolio looked totally different and way cooler than what I first imagined. It’s kind of like when you’re creating/writing something, you don’t always know where you’ll end up.

The journey shapes what you make. The effort is the secret sauce here.
For things like this, getting quick basic code from GPT is handy to start, but the real magic happens as you build and get inspired.

More Experiments

Thanks to GPT, as a software developer I can now try many different things really fast. For example, if I want to set up a feature called X, I can experiment with 5 different ways to make the user interface. This is because GPT makes it easy to get the basic code.

Because of this, we can spend more time trying different approaches and less time writing the basic code. This helps to make the final product much better.

Here’s how the timeline looks now: if it used to take 10 days to finish a task, now it might only take 6 days. And out of these 6 days, we use 4 days just to try different things.

But we still need someone to make the final decision on which design to use, because GPT can’t do that.


I remember when Node.js got popular and everyone was saying it’s the end for Backend developers because making APIs was super easy. But look now, Node.js has become super complex!

Or take Heroku and Docker. When they came out, people said they’d be the end of DevOps. But nope! Instead, DevOps has grown so much and is super respected in engineering.

AI, like ChatGPT, is kinda like those examples but way more powerful. It’s like when people discovered power drills. Did carpenters lose their jobs? No! They started building even cooler and more complicated stuff.

“But wait,” you might say, “these AI machines can learn, power drills can’t!” True, but think about this: if 80% of people stop programming because of AI, who’s going to come up with the creative, new ideas for the AI to learn from?

In the end, humans bring innovation and creativity that machines can’t match. AI is an amazing tool, but it’s humans who dream up the next big thing! 🚀💡

Sometimes it’s about a gut feeling

Imagine this: the data tells you that putting a button in spot X is great for getting people interested. But something inside you says, “Let’s try putting it in spot Y.” You go with your instinct, and – surprise! – spot Y does way better than you could have imagined.

Sure, these “aha!” moments don’t happen all the time, but when they do, they can make a big difference. It’s like your inner voice knows something that the numbers can’t see. So, sometimes it’s good to trust your instincts!

We are safe till AI starts having instincts

The more you produce more you get

With ChatGPT helping out, programmers can get things done super fast. But here’s a funny thing: does your task board ever look empty? Let’s say you’re a super programmer, able to do the work of ten people. Even then, do you think you’ll see that task board cleared out anytime soon?

Probably not! Because the more you create and get done, the more new ideas and tasks come up. It’s like a never-ending cycle – as you keep producing, you keep getting more to do. This isn’t a bad thing though; it means there’s always something new and exciting to work on! 🚀


So, what’s the final scoop? The future for programmers is shining bright like a diamond! 💎 With AI as our trusty sidekick, we can build some seriously awesome stuff. It’s like having a superpower – but even superheroes need brains behind the brawn and that’s why AI is not replacing programmers anytime soon

In short, programmers and AI together? Unstoppable. Let’s put our thinking caps on, team up with AI, and create some mind-blowing things. The adventure is just getting started! 🚀🧠💡

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