AutogenAI’s AI Tool Secures $22.3M to Help Businesses Write Stronger Bids and Pitches

A London-based startup, AutogenAI, has developed a potent AI tool to help businesses write better proposals. They have recently obtained a considerable investment of $22.3 million from Blossom Capital to expand their platform and reach more customers.

AutogenAI’s Impressive Growth

AutogenAI has gained 28 clients in less than a year, showcasing the success of their AI tool in writing winning bids.

A Secret Sauce for Winning Deals

AutogenAI keeps its customer names confidential as some businesses feel uncertain about using AI for their work.

Addressing Two Key Areas

This startup is focused on addressing two crucial factors for successful bidding: experience and budget. Their goal is to ensure every business has an equal opportunity to compete.

How AutogenAI’s Tool Works

The platform offered by AutogenAI uses large language models and a company’s data to create customized pitches based on past successful experiences. This tool assists teams in presenting proposals that are likely to win over potential clients.

Making Bidding Faster and More Cost-Effective

The AI tool speeds up the pitch-writing process by an impressive 800% and reduces procurement costs by 10%. This allows businesses to focus on strategic improvements.

Interest from Blossom Capital

AutogenAI’s practical application of AI for businesses has impressed Blossom Capital, leading to solid growth in only nine months.

A Promising Future

The success of AutogenAI demonstrates that AI can be a valuable asset for businesses, delivering a clear return on investment and enhancing efficiency.


AutogenAI’s new investment will significantly impact the bid-writing landscape, enabling businesses to create stronger pitches and proposals and achieve success.

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